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Name: Adam Olsen --- AO
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PDGA #: 26100

Main Throwing Style: Right Hand, Back Hand

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Current Level of Play: Pro

Years Playing: 1st picked up a disc in 2001. Got serious the fall of 2004. Joined PDGA in 2005. Played Advanced in 2005 for 6 months before going Pro. 2006 is my Rookie season as a Pro. 2007 was a strong season and I traveled a lot with Clay, Mike, and Chad. 2008 was even better. I played 34 events, won 9 tournies, and won $10,000 which is my highest yet

Favorite Disc:  Still the Buzzz!

Top 5 Courses:
Hawk Hollow, Spotsylvania, VA
J and B Rolling Hills, Lamoni, IA
Stillwaters Disc Golf Farm, Govan, SC
Blue Valley Park, Kansas City, MO
Wildcat Park, Urbana, IA

Honorable Mention:
McNaughton, Peoria, IL
Gran Canyon, Brooksville, FL--course is now closed.
Barnett Park, Kinston, NC
Toboggan, Milford, MI
Telemark Resort, Cable, WI edges out Highland Ski, Bloomington, MN. They are both on ski resorts but Cable is more challenging and longer.

Renny Gold, Charlotte, NC. It is not one of my favorite courses but out of the 148 courses I have played but without a doubt it is definately the toughest.

Year Born: 1979

In the Bag right now: Everything I throw is max weight.
3 Forces 1 Player's Cup, 1 Z, and 1 ESP Team Stamp. Order of stability
2 Predetor 1 Z and 1 ESP
2 Avengers Both Z. 1 new that is stable and 1 used for straight shots
1 Z Flick for side arm only
1 FLX Drone
3 Buzzz's 1 1st Run, 1 2nd 1st Run, and Player's Cup SS
5 Challenger's 1 Crystal, 1 Midnight, 1 D, 1 brand new D for putting and 1 very old for long jump putts.

Any Advice: Practice every aspect of your game and try to watch, learn, and listen from better players. Need to be mentally strong and being physically fit is key to being able to finish strong.

Favorite Disc Golf Story:
1.) I traveled from NC to Michigan for the USADGC. I did not want to go that bad because I wanted to play an NC event the same week for my first open event. My ex-girlfriend talked me into going because I would never have this chance again. So I rented a car, drove 14 hours, and stayed at a wonderfull place, the Lacey's, with other disc golfers which also included Chase, Mike, and Chad. It was the best disc golf experience in my life and winning that event was amazing.

2.) Winning the Super Tour (A-Tier) DGTV Open in Cable Wisonsin. Recent Headlines

3.) Going on tour in 2008 for 2 months. In 2010 I want to travel full time. I still enjoy traveling on the weekends with friends but I want to see what it is like to be away from home for a summer and attempt to earn a living playing disc golf.
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