Name: Chase Roberts - Chase20460

PDGA #: 20460

Main Throwing Style: Right Hand, Back Hand, but can throw sidearm and overhead shots.

Location: Moline, IL - Quad Cities - Iron Lion DGS 2630 16th St.

Current Level of Play: Men Pro Open.

Years Playing:Ive been playing since around 2000, but got serious around '01-02. I started playing Pro mid-way through this summer. I moved up to help the game, as I could perform poorly in Advanced and still place high. If I play Pro and play poor, it shows. I like that challenge.

Favorite Disc: Star Wraith

Top 5 Courses: Top 5 Courses? Thats tough. Id have to say:

1. West Lake- Davenport, IA
2. Tobaggon- Milford, MI
3. Walnut Ridge- DSM, IA
4. McNaughton- Peoria, IL
5. I got a 3 way tie for 5th, so Ill break it with Middle Park- Bettendorf, IA

In the Bag right now:
2 Star Wraiths- One seasoned, One FREAK. ( Mad overstable Yo. )
1 Pro Wraith- beat in for long annys, flip hysers
1 Star Teebird- Long fairway hyser shots / Will be replaced by CFR Glo.
1 Star TL- Less stable version of the Teebird, long Leopard
1 Star Leopard- Fairway drives, long midrange.
1 Champion Roadrunner- all types of shots, rollers.
1 KC/Champion Banshee- Thumbers and short range must hyser shots.

1 Star Coyote- I love them. Period.
1 IL Roc- I still like Rocs, but not as much as the Coyote.

1 IL Star Aviar- main putting duties
1 DX Aviar- mostly putts, some upshots
1 9x KC Aviar- straight to slightly understable approach shots
1 10x KC Aviar- best driving putter ever.

Any Advice:

In Life: Have faith in yourself first, then build from there. Stand up for what you beleive in, regardless of who shares your opinion.

In Disc Golf: Dont be afraid to ask questions. Everyone starts at the same place, and got advice somewhere to put them in the position they are today.

Favorite Disc Golf Story: My favorite disc memory: I have to many now to pick one. Last weekend in Cedar Rapids was great as Mike, Brad, Chad and myself recieved the Whacker award from the Bushwackers. Ill always remember KC Wide Open on '02 as it was my first REAL event. Worlds in '04 , in DSM, was the best tournament Ive ever attended and was a weeklong blast. It was also great to watch Mike and Chad come into thier own there. Am Nationals last year, watching AO win, and schooling Mike and Chad in Hold 'Em at the Laceys. Both years traveling to Bowling Green and the ACE on the Dam hole at Hambrick in Columbus. Theres just so many good times its impossible to pick one. Thats the greatest thing about disc golf, the friends you make and the shared adventures that come along with them. Its a great thing this game, and its been great to me, hopefully it will do the same for everyone else to come.