Name: Chad Eng - Batlord

PDGA #: 14343

Main Throwing Style: Right

Location: Moline, IL

Current Level of Play: Advanced

Years Playing: 8

Favorite Disc: Wraith

Top 5 Courses:
Strafford Lake, CA
Toboggan, MI
Gran Canyon, FL
Weilheim, Germany
Boomhill, England

Year Born:1974

In the Bag right now:
Rocs, Stratus-s, APXs, Wraiths, Teebirds, Sidewinders, Beasts

Any Advice: My advice is to ask someone that's better than you for advice. I'm not that guy, believe me.

Favorite Disc Golf Story: Too many to name. All of them involve people blowing a gasket though - funny huh? One funny one is from Sipapu Disc Golf Resort in New Mexico. It's on a ski resort, so some serious elevation issues. Kathy doinked a putt for deuce and it stood up on its edge and rolled a bit. It was just about to drop and it stood up and rolled a bit more. Repeat this about 4 times. My mom was walking the course with us and couldn't stop laughing which infuriated Kathy even more. When it was all over with, Kathy was about 250-275 ft away from the basket. Classic rollaway.