Name: Jon "redeye" Rounds

PDGA #: 19357

Main Throwing Style: Right Handed

Location: Quad Cities

Current Level of Play: Novice soon to be advanced Laughing

Years Playing: 7

Favorite Disc: Aviar

Top 5 Courses:
Richmond Hill
West Lake
Robert Morris

Year Born: 08-06-1978

In the Bag right now:
Two pro wraiths
star sl
four different aviars
star firebird
Champion firebird
ching roc
k.c. pro 11X roc
special blend orc
pro orc
dx cyote
champion monster
169 leopard for t-hawking

Any Advice: Be true with your shot as a archer would be with his arrow, relax and let it rip.

Favorite Disc Golf Story: I have many of them, could be a whole book on this stuff, but watching a black ace on hole eight at Camden or watching someone take a 15 on five or seeing a bum take a bath in the creek on seven at Camden could be one of them. Very Happy