Name: K.C. Randall

PDGA #: 29385

Main Throwing Style:Right Hand Back Hand, with no distance

Location:Quad Cities

Current Level of Play:Advanced

Years Playing: Started in 2001, so (hmm...carry the two...) 6 years, now! WOW...I'm old.

Favorite Disc: Roc, of any kind, really

Top 5 Courses:

(I'm pretty limited)
1. West Lake
2. Ewing
3. Sinnissippi or Anna Page (old course)
4. McNaughton or Lake Eureka
5. Middle Park, already

Year Born: 1980

In the Bag right now:

1 175 Star Wraith: Controlled distance shots
1 172 Star Wraith: Just put in the bag, working it in for distance
1 172 Pro Wraith: Grip-it-and-rip-it! Distance (but not as controlled)
1 172 Champion Orcs: One beat in...Mr. Reliable for tight shots!
1 168 Champion Orc: Tailwind shots, and a very fast roller!
1 172 CE Valkyrie: Straight distance...fading out of my bag
1 172 QJLS: Straight fairway drives (It’s a big Roc, really)
1 175 Champ Glow Sidewinder: Turnovers and my “go-to” roller
1 175 Star TL: Straight Fairway Driver, with a “little” stability to work with
1 175 Champ Starfire: Flicks, forehand rollers, tomahawks
1 175 Star Tee-Rex: Headwind driver, and great “S” flight

1 DX Roc: Majority of my short game. Very straight and reliable
1 X Buzz: Most of the rest of my short game. Very reliable left to right, or dead straight
1 Champ Whippit: Very stable, it will ALWAYS come back left. Technical disc, skippers
1 Super Roc: Stable version of my main mid-ranges. Very predictable.

1 11x Aviar: Everything...putting, upshots, short drives, I use it TOO much!
1 DX Aviar: I use it whenever my 11x frustrates me enough, or with NO wind

Any Advice: Have fun with it, no matter what level of player you are. It is a game, after all.

Favorite Disc Golf Story: Pretty much ANY glow round is memorable, really...thats just a good time. Any ace is memorable. I don't really know...I've just enjoyed the ride.