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Name: Corey Philips - Porkchop

PDGA #: 22571

Main Throwing Style: RHBH

Location: Shueyville, Iowa

Current Level of Play: Advanced AM

Years Playing: 7

Favorite Disc: Pro Wraith

Top 5 Courses:
1 – Peninsula Park – Iowa City, IA
2 – Exchange Park – Waterloo, IA
3 – Todd Park – Austin, MN
4 – Sugar Bottom – North Liberty, IA
5 – Hickory Hills Park – LaPorte City, IA

Year Born: 1982

In the Bag right now:
2 – 5x JK Aviar-x
1 – 1991 “Chains” Aviar
1 – Crystal Buzzz
1 – ESP Buzzz
1 – ESP Wasp (soon to be replaced by FLX Buzzz)
1 – Star Sidewinder (soon to be replaced by ESP Avenger SS)
2 – Pro Leopard
2 – Pro Starfire
2 – Pro Wraith
1 – Star Wraith
1 – Star Tee Rex
1 – Champ Tee Bird

Any Advice:
- Putt (reason why I am an Advanced w/sub 900 rating)
- DO NOT buy every disc out there and experiment with different discs every time you play (took me 5 years to discover this is wrong and another reason why I am an Advanced w/sub 900 rating)
- Consistency, buy one mold of each; putter, Midrange, and Driver. Become competent with all 3 then you can start adding more molds and different versions

Favorite Disc Golf Story:
- Becoming an official and running/TD my first tournament (Franklin Freeze)
- Finishing dead last at the 2006 Minnesota Majestic (My first A-tier and one everyone should play); the humbling experience showed me the flaws in my game. I was also influence by and gained knowledge from some very, very, very good players (Josh Gerth and others) how to prepare, practice, throwing techniques, disc selection, and overall the entire game.
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