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Name: Steve Kenton - cydisc11895

PDGA: #11895

Throws: RHBH

Location: Ames

Level: Open

Years: 11 (7 as Open) State Coordinator since 2002

Fav disc: DX Roc

Top 5 Courses:
Rolling Meadow, Wimberley, TX
Circ Hill, Wimberley, TX
Water Works, KC, MO
Pickard, Indianola, IA
Ewing, DSM, IA

Born: 1968

In the bag: (1) CH Monster, (2) Pro Wraith, (1) Pro Starfire, (3) DX Roc, (2) Aviar-x

   1. Instead of getting a bunch of different molds for every scenario on the course, find 3 discs (a driver, a mid and a putter) that feel good and fly well.  Master those 3 discs.
   2. While youíll get better by playing lots of rounds, youíll get better faster by going out to a field and throwing lots of reps.  A stack of each mold is a good investment.
   3. Play with people who are better than you.

Favorite Story:
       I once held the record (with Justin McLuen and Jason Neifert) for most courses played in a single day.  We played 20 separate courses, starting at Legion in Marion and ending at Centennial Park in Huxley.  We picked the summer solstice, being the longest day of the year, to perform our feat.  It was also one of the hottest days of the year (mid- 90ís).  While the amount of golf we played was impressive, the amount of water and Gatorade consumed was staggering.
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