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Name: TJ Nydle - nydle28011

PDGA#: 28011

Style: Right handed back hand, but can throw forehand and tomahawks

Location: Originally from Ottumwa, but living in Davenport since Oct. '06

Current level: Advanced AM

Years playing: First picked up a disc freshman year of college (Fall 2002), but have been playing seriously since 2005. 2006 was my first real tournament season. Half way through my player rating was of 915 so I started playing Advanced after about 6 months.

Favorite Disc: Proto Star Teerex

Top 5 Courses:
1 West Lake
2 Indian Hills Community College Ottumwa Iowa
3 Indian Hills Columbia, Missouri
4 Devil's Glen
5 J&B Rolling Hills

Year Born: 1983

Bag right now:
175 Yellow Proto Teerex (long fading drives)
173 White Proto Teerex (more stable than the yellow)
176 Balck 1st run Inferno (long open drives)
167 CFR Wraith (distance drives)
175 IL Star TL (long straight drives)
175 Glow Teebird (control shots)
168 1st run Champion Sidewinder (anhyzers, roller)
169 Glow Banshee (beefcake! headwinds, flicks)

175 9x KC Whippet (everything 200'-330')
175 S Demon
174 E Demon (these are for skips, flicks, must hyzers)
168 Star Skeeter (everything the whippet can't do)

175 S Wizard (main putts)
175 Warlock (putts)
170 Glow Wizard (approach)
168 Proto Chief (anyhzer putts)
169 1st run Tank (head winds, jump putts)

I just switched back to the wizards from the Aviars. Started with wizards, then to Aviars, now back to wizards so we will see how it goes. We will see if the Warlock can replace the Aviar.

       Be yourself. Take in any advice others have to offer, but don't change what works for you just because it works for someone else. Just because a disc works for someone else, doesn't mean that it will do the same for you. Don't let someone else make you feel any less because of who you are. Never be afraid to ask questions or get advice and at the same time try to pass on these same things to others. Go big, or go home, leave it all on the grass!
Favorite Story: There are to many to list. So many great people and places. The vast majority involved in the Disc Golf community is like that of no other sport. Hopefully the love of the game will continue and not be compremised by fortune and fame. Reguardless of how much money people are playing for, hopefully the same reasons they step out on a course today, will be the same driving factors of tomorrow! I play AMs, I don't play for the payout, yet I am and will continue to be out there!

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