Heartland Tournament Format

Heartland Tournament Format

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We have had many golfers ask about the format for the tournament. We will be using the same format that is used in South Carolina at the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships. We will have two rounds of doubles on Saturday and two rounds of singles on Sunday. Each college will designate one team (if you bring more than one) as their Championship Qualifier team. Each team will have four players. You will decide how to divide them up into two teams of two. One will be the Even team & the other two will be the Odd team. The Even team will tee off on all of the Even numbered holes only and the Odd team will tee off on all of the Odd numbered holes only. It does not matter which team played last on the previous hole, the Even team will always tee off on the even Numbered holes & vice versa. Which ever two some tees off on their first starting hole, both will throw and the four members will look over both lies and decide which one to use. The other two some will then both throw from that spot. The four members will decide which shot to use and the two who teed off will both throw from that spot if needed and this will alternate until the hole has been completed. Again, it doesn't matter who shot last on the last hole, the team to tee off will be Even if it is an Even numbered hole & the Odd if it is an Odd numbered hole. This pattern will continue until all of the holes have been played. You can not change two some teams once the round has started. There will be two college four man teams playing together on a hole doing the same procedure you are using. Each four man team will have one score for each round of doubles. We will play one round in the morning, break for lunch, play a second round in the afternoon. You may change the two some teams within your four man team before the start of the second round.
The singles will be two rounds on Sunday. We will play one round in the morning, break for lunch, play a second round in the afternoon. Players can not change teams. A player from a Flight Team can not switch out with a Championship Team player. We will take the low three scores (throw out the highest score) for each team's score. We will do the same for the second round. This will give each college team two doubles scores and six singles scores for their total score. The lowest total will be the winner with second lowest in second place, etc. We will have a playoff to break any ties. We will then have the awards ceremonies.
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